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I recently had a Miracle with a capital M.   A few months ago I bought a book by Gabby Bernstein and started working through it – I went straight to the section focussing on healing our finances – since I had been asking for a miracle in this department!

I was willing, ready and able to go really deeply into what might subconsciously be blocking me from being financially free – and in particular, from living free of the pressures of a large mortgage (a pattern which had run through my whole life – however hard I tried).  Almost immediately I recognised a belief that I had never seen before …. despite many years of inner work.  There was that hit of truth when I uncovered it – that AhHa that is unmistakable when you hit the truth!  After a week of inner work guided by the text …. and a growing trust in miracles, …I got a call from the bank about my mortgage.

Now what you need to understand… is that a couple of years ago, the bank gave me a few months interest free to help me along.  Only they forgot to re-instate the interest.  Of course I knew I would have to pay the back interest but at least in the meantime I had a roof over my head. 

After the inner work, I had decided to come clean and ring the bank and tell them of their mistake.  On the day I was going to ring, the bank rang me!!  They were deeply apologetic (!) informing me that they had made a mistake, that they had re-instated my interest and telling me the monthly interest charge.  They were very sorry and hoped I was OK with that.  I explained that I understood and had in fact been intending to ring them that very day to confess.

With a gulp, I asked how much the back interest was going to be (I estimated it as somewhere around $25.000).  Oh no – said the miracle worker from the bank …. it was our mistake so we are waiving the back interest! – (this is the BANK we are talking about! – $25.000.00!)

A couple of days later, I got an offer of fabulously paid work which would also put a hole in that mortgage…. (are you getting the idea?)

Well, I was so excited that I started telling people, who then asked that I create a group and support them to work through the book …. and that group finishes this week.

Here’s what a couple of them have said along the way:
“I have been surprised by this group – the daily practices focusing on letting go of fear really build on themselves and life really starts synchronising with abundance.  I have experienced some real miracles like getting a new job and I believe this is because I am witnessing my ego and turning to love many times a day.  I feel loved up and excited!  Grace is an insightful and compassionate facilitator and also manages to bring delightful humour into the group process .  thank you and see you Wednesday Lovely Grace! and yes I have had another major miracle this week!” CH

“I feel I have softened and my heart has opened in ways I didn’t realise I could, if that makes sense. The focus of the book and the support of being in the group has suffused my life with a warmth and inner glow. I am loving it and will keep going beyond the 42 days. I highly recommend this for everyone.” CS

So – as this group finishes, I have been asked to lead another – We start on Wed Oct 2nd, when another 7 week journey begins.  Here are the details.

Working Miracles                 

A 42 day journey to a whole new way of life!

 By using Gabby Bernstein’s book as the text and working through simple daily enquiries and meditations, we make profound changes in our thinking and actions to transform fear into abundant love …

You’ll be surprised at how simple changes can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives –  leading to inner and outer abundance, healing our finances, our relationships with ourselves and others, our bodies, self image and self worth – and eventually to miracle mindedness.

The course is fun and achievable. We use Gabby Bernstein’s book as the text.  In it she offers the compelling message that anything is indeed possible with a few simple shifts that almost all of us can make.

  • 7 wk program Weds 7-9 pm start 2nd  Oct
  • Fees $230: E.Bird $195 by 20th Sep -a copy of Gabby’s book is included in your fee.

The group will be a max of 8 and has 3 people already signed up, so if this calls to you, jump in by using the “contacts” page on this website  http://www.thealchemyoftheheart.com or email me at grace@thealchemyoftheheart.com and I will send you a registration form. You can register with a $50 deposit.

Blessings and Miracles to you all – I hope to journey with you

with love



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Hello Dear Friends – An invitation:

“Awakening to Abundance” – (subtitled “from fear to love”) has been rescheduled to begin this coming Wednesday 31st July.  We will be examining and re-programming the unconscious blocks that cause us to stumble, struggle and cut ourselves off from the love that we are. The course goes for 7 weeks each Wednesday 7-9 pm and uses Gabby Bernstein’s book as the text with daily exercises and reflections.

We will be having fun with this, as we unravel what’s holding us back, so if you feel like joining us, there are a couple of places left and you are very welcome.

Call me on 66803436/0408325599 and check it out on the tab on the home page.  If you would like to help get the word out, please do pass this on to your friends

Love Grace


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Hello – just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day for the early bird price on the next Calling in The One program – due to start on Wednesday 8th May.

So if you have been thinking about jumping in – now is your chance – there are still a couple of places left and a lovely supportive group forming for this wonderful program.  So if you are ready to have a different future to your past …. then join with us and dissolve the hidden barriers you have to real love.

You can get details on the website at https://thealchemyoftheheart.com/programs/calling-in-the-one/

much love to you all


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Hello Dear Reader. 

A very nourishing 2012 to you all.  2012 seems to be a time, more than ever, to claim our true Essence – that love that is a state of Being .  This is our challenge and our blessing.  May we all know the joy and freedom of living from the Heart.

Here are some of my offerings for the begining of 2012.  Everyone is welcome. Please contact me for more information or bookings

Calling in “The One” A 9 week journey to love. Small group program:  Take the stand to create an extraordinary relationship by becoming the love we are seeking. “Profound, heart opening and life changing”. Text Kathryn W. Thomas   Starts Wed 1st Feb. $180

2012 – What will it Bring for You? An afternoon of play and conscious intention. Saturday  January 28th 2-5pm $25

The Art of Presence: 1 day meditation and contemplation retreat to nourish and renew. Active and Silent meditations, satsang and relaxation: Saturday 18th Feb $60

Women’s Sacred Circle: gathering together to create a loving, healing, supportive circle. A gift to the body, the heart and the soul. Experience the joy of reconnecting to yourself and others with circle, song, exploration, movement and laughter. Saturday 17th March $70

Adyashanti DVD Satsang:  Thursday 9th Feb – then the first Tues of each month 7-9 pm .  Profound spiritual teachings for the end of the search.  For those of you who are new to Adya, come and experience his insightful simplicity and ordinariness and see for yourself.  Donation

Also: Individual sessions. In these psychotherapy sessions, a space of deep presence and stillness occurs in which your body is invited, through loving acceptance, to express and release deeply held old patterns and hurts.  This occurs naturally, gently and easily allowing the nervous system to relax, bringing a profound sense of peace and well-being.

Finding What’s Real: 10 week program exploring and practicing living the teachings of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”  Please register interest

Talking to the Mind and Body:  Hypnotherapy for healing the mind and body. Pls register interest

All events will be held in Ocean Shores South.

So – many blessings to you all, to your families, to all animals  and to the planet – and may all beings be well and happy.

“Our Hearts do not need logic. 

They can love and forgive and accept that which our minds cannot comprehend

Hearts understand in ways that minds cannot”    Lois Wilson


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Hello Dear Reader –

We have a very sweet group forming for the next “Calling in The One” program due to start this Wednesday 24th and I am looking forward to another journey with wonderful women – honouring our needs as Human Beings for connectedness, companionship, intimacy, support, to love and to be loved in a way that deeply values who we are.

It takes a willingness on our part to take a look, unflinchingly, at anything we have been running that is in the way of that – and together we hold a space of heartfelt sharing, laughter, tears and relief as we sit in the intention of creating the kind of love we had no model for – for ourselves and each other.

So, if you have been thinking of jumping in, now is the time! and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

with love, Grace

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Hello dear reader

The Calling in The One programs are just flying along.  Deep transformational experiences have brought these groups to a wonderful heart opening and receptive place, where these wonderful women have let go of the barriers to love, and are radiant – and delicious!

So now, a program for men – so many men have enquired about the program, and it is a joy for me to see such deep masculine readiness for real, soulful, committed relationship ….. and an honour to be midwifing the process.  The new group for men starts on Tuesday 23rd August – bookings are open now.

And the next program for women begins on Wednesday  17th August.  It is such a privilege and an honour to be working at such a deep and sacred level with the wonderful women who have come through the program, and those who are working through now.  Bookings are open now.

Previous programs have been booked out early, so please register to reserve your place if you feel called to come.

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Greetings gentle reader.
We are in the process of building a blog for The Alchemy of the Heart.

Please bear with us – all good things take time.

We hope you’ll come back again – and be surprised, delighted and inspired by the programs offered here.

~ Grace Underwood

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