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Open Your Heart To Love
Hello dear friends – well, here it is again – the wonderful program based on Kathryn Woodward Thomas profound and insightful book of the same name.

This is an opportunity to go gently and deeply inside and release all the old patterns that create hurt and sadness around love and partnership – truly a journey to love – powerful and supportive to do in a group.

Don’t let your love life go around the same old circuits, or have you given up on love altogether?

We have a great group forming, and just 3 places left – so if you have been thinking about this program – jump in now! –

New 8 wk course begins April 3rd:  – that’s next week! cost $250

Here is what some past participants have said  ”  I want to share the profound and healing experience I had participating in Grace Underwood’s Workshop ‘Calling in the One.’ Grace’s deep wisdom, clarity and gentle love created a space where I felt safe and understood as I worked through processes I thought I had dealt with years ago. The layers of being, loving and the ensuing wounds along the way were revealed, shared and the healing begun anew. The warmth and support that developed in the group has changed our lives. We have laughed and cried, sung, been vulnerable and real with each other…and held each other in a sacred space. We have journeyed Calling in the One… who resides within our own Hearts. I recommend THE WORKSHOP to all…even to the men in the community…the heart in all of us is wounded…and the healing is our life’s work. What joy awaits/awakens for us all.” (JD )

“After we finished the course I felt so confident, open and receptive that I actually called in The man. He is fully available!  And I could rave on about his positive attributes…..   And I know what I have done to deserve him, so I can fully appreciate his presence in my life!  Thank you Grace for your wonderful support (DA)</i>

Do come and join us – with love, Grace

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Hello Dear Reader –

We have a very sweet group forming for the next “Calling in The One” program due to start this Wednesday 24th and I am looking forward to another journey with wonderful women – honouring our needs as Human Beings for connectedness, companionship, intimacy, support, to love and to be loved in a way that deeply values who we are.

It takes a willingness on our part to take a look, unflinchingly, at anything we have been running that is in the way of that – and together we hold a space of heartfelt sharing, laughter, tears and relief as we sit in the intention of creating the kind of love we had no model for – for ourselves and each other.

So, if you have been thinking of jumping in, now is the time! and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

with love, Grace

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