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Today, on the beach in the early morning … I was once again in awe of the beauty that I walk in – the magnificence, the power and the downright immensity of nature ….. and I was again reminded that we are here to feel – to notice the great gifts of nature and allow them to enter into us, into our hearts, our very being – to cleanse us, refresh us, restore us.
How easy it is to walk in beauty and be only aware of our minds – the replays of conversations, the self-recriminations, the judgements of others, the worries, the fears …….. while all around us the magic waits to be noticed, to be allowed to suffuse us with this LOVE….
Today, try noticing the sky – allow yourself to melt into its vastness, feel the sun and the breeze on your skin, feel the earth, the sand, the grass under your feet. Watch a dog or cat or bird. Really look at a tree, until you feel it touch you.  Let nature have you – all of you ….. revel in it, abandon yourself in it, stop pretending you are this little worrying, nagging voice and fly into the arms of love…. you are here for a reason (hint – its not to pay the mortgage)
with love


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Hello Dear Reader. 

A very nourishing 2012 to you all.  2012 seems to be a time, more than ever, to claim our true Essence – that love that is a state of Being .  This is our challenge and our blessing.  May we all know the joy and freedom of living from the Heart.

Here are some of my offerings for the begining of 2012.  Everyone is welcome. Please contact me for more information or bookings

Calling in “The One” A 9 week journey to love. Small group program:  Take the stand to create an extraordinary relationship by becoming the love we are seeking. “Profound, heart opening and life changing”. Text Kathryn W. Thomas   Starts Wed 1st Feb. $180

2012 – What will it Bring for You? An afternoon of play and conscious intention. Saturday  January 28th 2-5pm $25

The Art of Presence: 1 day meditation and contemplation retreat to nourish and renew. Active and Silent meditations, satsang and relaxation: Saturday 18th Feb $60

Women’s Sacred Circle: gathering together to create a loving, healing, supportive circle. A gift to the body, the heart and the soul. Experience the joy of reconnecting to yourself and others with circle, song, exploration, movement and laughter. Saturday 17th March $70

Adyashanti DVD Satsang:  Thursday 9th Feb – then the first Tues of each month 7-9 pm .  Profound spiritual teachings for the end of the search.  For those of you who are new to Adya, come and experience his insightful simplicity and ordinariness and see for yourself.  Donation

Also: Individual sessions. In these psychotherapy sessions, a space of deep presence and stillness occurs in which your body is invited, through loving acceptance, to express and release deeply held old patterns and hurts.  This occurs naturally, gently and easily allowing the nervous system to relax, bringing a profound sense of peace and well-being.

Finding What’s Real: 10 week program exploring and practicing living the teachings of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”  Please register interest

Talking to the Mind and Body:  Hypnotherapy for healing the mind and body. Pls register interest

All events will be held in Ocean Shores South.

So – many blessings to you all, to your families, to all animals  and to the planet – and may all beings be well and happy.

“Our Hearts do not need logic. 

They can love and forgive and accept that which our minds cannot comprehend

Hearts understand in ways that minds cannot”    Lois Wilson


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